Introducing the New Forum

We have been asked by users of the garage for assistance finding diagnostic information.

Today we have launched the Self Service Garage forum with lots of information related to diagnostics, with code reader codes.

Please feel free to register and take part.  Hopefully we can grow our little community and all help each other.

This is the forum link FORUM

It’s going to be a Big Job!!!

Well when the clutch starts to slip on your Discovery its time to book into the Self Service Garage for a Big Job…..

This Disco is in for such a job which will certainly take a day or two.

But at the S.S.G that’s not a problem as we are able to store your vehicle overnight. When you book the garage for more than a day we are happy for you to keep your vehicle inside overnight and carry on the next day.

No need to clear up the tools or move the vehicle just leave it how you want to find it the next day.


Full Service with a Smile.

Been a little busy at the Self Service Garage this week with one thing or another.

This is just one of the recent jobs done on the ramp this week.

This BMW Owner saved himself a small fortune by doing his own service on the ramp.

BMW X5 Full Service,He even used the discount parts scheme run at the self service garage through Europarts to buy his filters and oil at a reduced price.

Win Win Situation.