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Full Service with a Smile.

Been a little busy at the Self Service Garage this week with one thing or another.

This is just one of the recent jobs done on the ramp this week.

This BMW Owner saved himself a small fortune by doing his own service on the ramp.

BMW X5 Full Service,He even used the discount parts scheme run at the self service garage through Europarts to buy his filters and oil at a reduced price.

Win Win Situation.


Land Rover Defender Hits the Ramp

Well we have a Land Rovers Defender booked in today for a spot of Under sealing done.

Under Seal
Its a Messy Job so having the Self Service Garage Ramp to use makes it easy
Waxoil is sprayed using the high pressure air line

Under seal protects your vehicle over the its lifetime and it applied by our friends at Ultimate Car Paint Protection Limited.

We have several small businesses that use the Self Service Garage rather than being out on the road.


Another Day Another Customer!

Something a little bigger today. A Toyota Emina Import booked the bay for the day to replace shaft bushes and rear brakes.

Had some fun with this one trying to source parts for the customer as the vehicle is an import. We did however manage to get hold of the parts from our local Europarts using our trade account.

Another happy customer.

Toyota Emina in the Self Service Garage
Customer fixing Toyota Emina

Welcome to a New Idea

Like us you are probably new to the idea of a Self Service Garage and are left thinking ” What is a Self Service Garage?”

We had the idea some time ago when the first Self Service Garage opened up in the states and thought it would be a great idea to have one in this country.

Well it has taken some considerable effort and a couple of years to find the place and the money, but its here at long last.

We are now pleased to be able to announce WE ARE OPEN!!!