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by Administrator on 06/05/2015 15:42
Post BMW Check Control CCID Codes

Many Modern BMWs now include a full range Check Control System. The early BMW Check Control System involved monitoring the resistance of the vehicle lighting, and could report a blown bulb instantly. Corrosion at the bulb socket may also trigger error warnings, so remember to check the bulb itself along with it's operation. As the vehicle electrical system became more complex, more systems were added into Check Control, from simple door warnings, to a far more integrated system used today. With a variety of Data Buses used, fault information in individual modules could be passed to other systems that may depend on them. This allows a Check Control System to be added into the Data Bus, which is able to show faults to the driver. Although still not as useful as full diagnostics, it does represent a great leap in fault handling, compared to previous "Check Engine" warnings. 

How To Access Check Control Messages

Flick the BC (Board Computer) Stalk up or down until CHECK CONTROL appears, then press the BC button on the end of the stalk. Flick up or down to scroll through multiple messages. On a particular message,

Press and hold the BC button for approx. 2 secs.

This will show the CCID code.

To Exit the system, press the BC button again.

The codes listed below are grouped into the modules that created them, but there will only be one number for a fault over the entire system. This means the if you see CC-35 (DSC Failure), There is only one fault that will cause it, and separate modules will not share a number. 

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